October 1, 2015

90th Annual Meeting — Innovation Arena Workshop

Western Growers new Center for Innovation and Technology is expected to open later this month in Salinas, California.  As part of that initiative, we are launching a comprehensive “innovation” program to help find and accelerate the availability of technologies and services that will help members deal with the pressing problems of producing more high quality safe fresh produce in an era of scarce resources and intense regulatory and marketplace pressure. We are currently recruiting companies to locate in the Center for direct interaction with the industry and will be featuring several of them during our 90th Annual Meeting in San Diego at a workshop entitled the “Innovation Arena.”

This Shark Tank-like workshop will allow entrepreneurs to pitch their offerings to a team of judges as well as the audience to determine the top AgTech innovations. Join WG Vice Chairman and Workshop moderator, Sammy Duda, as he leads what is sure to be a lively discussion showcasing several new offerings in the technology arena while our diverse panel of industry judges asks participants probing questions. As an attendee, we also look forward to getting your opinion on the potential benefit these technologies would have on your operation.  

Workshop Details

Workshop III – The Innovation Arena

November 10, 2015 – 9:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Ballroom A


Samuel D. Duda, Vice President, Duda Farm Fresh Foods

The Judges

David Petrocco, President, Senior Grower, Petrocco Farms

Bridget (Bengard) Rotticci, Project Manager, Bengard Ranch

Neill Callis, Sales, Exports, and Business Operations, Turlock Fruit Company

Edwin A. Camp, President, D.M. Camp & Sons

Stephen J. Barnard, President and CEO, Mission Produce

Robert K. Barkley, President and CEO, Barkley Ag Enterprises

For more information on this workshop or on the Annual Meeting, contact Randy Hause at (949) 885-2265.

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