Workshop III - Step Into the Innovation Arena

Western Growers has launched a new comprehensive program to help find and accelerate the availability of technologies and services that will help members deal with the pressing problems of producing more high quality safe fresh produce in an era of scarce resources and intense regulatory and marketplace pressure.  This “innovation” program revolves around our new Center for Innovation and Technology in opening up in Salinas California in October.  We are currently recruiting companies to locate in the Center for direct interaction with the industry and will be featuring several of them during our Annual Meeting at a workshop entitled the “Innovation Arena”.

This Shark Tank-like workshop will allow entrepreneurs to pitch their offerings to a team of judges as well as the audience to determine the top AgTech innovations. We expect a lively session that will showcase several new offerings in the technology arena and allow a diverse panel of industry judges to ask them questions about their offerings and the potential benefit they may have to growers or handlers of fresh produce.  Join us in the Innovation Arena for a preview of the type of entrepreneurial offerings that WG may be looking at and to give us your opinion of which of them would be most important focal points going forward.


Agrialgo Inc/ Crowd Scout

CrowdScout is the first real-time agricultural pest database.  The data comes from PCAs, scouts and growers when they capture a scouting report using our quick & easy mobile app. The data is compiled, analyzed and relayed back to users so that they can see real-time pressure maps (heatmaps) of the various pests on the various crops within their region.


Offers agricultural producers unique chemistries that enhance water infiltration, distribution and retention in soils – enabling maximum crop performance through improved water and fertilizer efficiency. Its agricultural soil surfactants improve the movement of water into the rootzone, promoting uniform soil salt distribution and increasing crop productivity. These chemistries allow growers to get the most out of the water they apply, which is critical in today’s environment. 


BioGenomX is a leading edge AgTech business that manufactures revolutionary liquid biological inoculants for soil and plants. Teeming with billions of beneficial living bacteria and fungi, our brews have been developed for known agricultural problems and increase yield and tolerance to pests and disease. There’s nothing else like it on the planet!


GeoVisual's OnSight platform is an early warning and monitoring system that helps improve crop yields and reduce losses by detecting problems in the field earlier and with more precision.   Crop scouts, PCAs, applicators, agronomists and growers can all be on the same page about what is happening in the field, along with a complete record of all collected data for thorough analysis and reporting.  OnSight combines aerial imagery, ground-based leaf-level photos, and expert observations into an easy-to-use, mobile dashboard to help growers see and diagnose field problems caused by pests, weeds, diseases, nutrient and irrigation issues, or chemical drift.    

Ground Level Data, LLC

Growers frequently face wild swings in supply with little lead time due to infrequent and small data samples. Ground Level Data has built proprietary software that is able to analyze every square foot of any produce crop for the factors the grower needs to make the right decisions.  Ground Level Data  manages the image acquisition and processing, allowing the grower to focus on the metrics that drive his business using the most accurate information.


A real-time aerial imagery service for agriculture. Every week during the growing season, we deliver a birds-eye view of your farm in multiple wavelengths. Using this imagery, a grower can use the images to plan scouting, management activities, and interventions

Farm Dog

Farm Dog develops precision agriculture solutions for specialty crop farms.  Challenges on all farms continue to increase, yet most solutions addressing these challenges are built for large, commodity farms.  We take the most advanced solutions from the big guys and tailor them to fit everybody else.  Data from our wide array of affordable in-field sensors, measuring soil moisture and electrical conductivity, is fused with additional data streams such as satellite imagery in order to provide actionable insights to the farm.  Now any farm, no matter its size or crop, can manage irrigation, fertilization, and pest-control like the most advanced farms.

FarmX, Inc.

FarmX helps farmers save time and resources while increasing productivity.  FarmX's FarmMap alerts growers about critical field available water content, plant stress indicators and environmental pest/ disease pressure with FarmMap Sensors. FarmMap Sensors push field data to the FarmMap cloud which provides real time analytics based on state-of-the-art machine learning processes. The FarmMap cloud leverages multiple data sources to drive precise recommendations that drive productivity gains while reducing costs.

President, Senior Grower, Petrocco Farms
Sales, Exports, and Business Operations, Turlock Fruit Company
President, D.M. Camp & Sons
President and CEO, Mission Produce
President and CEO, Barkley Ag Enterprises
Vice President, Duda Farm Fresh Foods