June 17, 2024

A Buzzworthy Celebration: Pollinator Week 2024 Celebrates Role of Pollinators in Agriculture

Pollinators, bees in particular, are indispensable to farming, ensuring we are able to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables year-round. Their tireless work contributes to more than $18 billion in crop production revenue annually. Over 100 crops grown in the U.S., including almonds, berries, melons and squash, depend on these vital pollinators.

Bees visit flower after flower, collecting and transporting pollen in makeshift pollen baskets on their hind legs. This process is essential for fertilization, enabling plants to produce fruits, vegetables and seeds and in turn boosting crop yields and produce quality. Despite their small size, bees perform huge tasks. Without their work, growers worldwide would experience significant drops in harvest sizes and productivity.

Pollinator Week is an annual celebration that is dedicated to highlighting the health and importance of these crucial pollinators. Tune in to the Voices of the Valley episode with Braga Fresh’s Director of Environmental Science & Resources, Katie Chiapuzio, for a more in-depth look into the daily lives of bees on the farm and their invaluable contributions to the fresh produce industry. Be sure to keep up with Western Growers’ social media activity this week for a chance to win a jar of fresh honey!