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March 19, 2015

AFF — Health Benefits from Produce “Absolutely Indisputable”

This week, Consumer Reports released a “Buy/Don’t Buy” report on fruits and vegetables intended to provide consumers with information on how to make the “best choices” for their health and the environment.  The “Shopper’s Guide” lists dozens of produce items and attaches a pesticide risk level with each.  It also stipulates whether the item should be avoided based on its country of origin or how it was grown, differentiating between conventional and organic methods. 

The Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF) issued a strong statement refuting the “guide” saying, “The benefits of consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables is absolutely indisputable. Consumers should eat both organic and conventionally grown produce without worrying about minute levels of pesticide residues.”  AFF released a similar statement last month following the release of the Dirty Dozen list by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  

As of the publication of today’s Spotlight, media coverage of the release of the information has been light with only one major news program featuring a story.