June 28, 2016

Ag Overtime Bill to be Heard in Senate Labor Committee

Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez’s (D-San Diego) resurrected agriculture overtime bill is expected to be voted on tomorrow in the Senate Labor Committee.

Western Growers helped lead a broad coalition of organizations from both agriculture and allied industries to defeat AB 2757, a UFW sponsored bill in the Assembly, in early June. However a procedural maneuver has given the issue life again as AB 1066, a bill that is now in the Senate.  

We will once again be calling on our members to contact your senators and assembly members to voice their opposition to the bill. It is important that legislators understand the impacts this legislation would have on farmworkers and your operations.

Please stay tuned for an update on this week’s committee proceedings in Thursday’s Spotlight. We also plan to alert our members to your needed involvement through Voter Voice advocacy campaigns and outreach to legislators’ district offices until action on the bill is complete.

For more information, contact Matthew Allen at (916) 446-1435.