September 27, 2016

Agralogics, BAM and AgriData Join WG Center for Innovation & Technology

Over the past month, the WG Center for Innovation & Technology in Salinas, Calif. has added three more agtech innovators to its roster. The Center is now home to a total of 24 agtech start-up companies who are working individually and collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to the most pressing issues facing the ag industry. The three startups who have joined the Center this month are:

Agralogics: Agralogics offers a collaboration management platform that allows growers to easily access and share information about the food they grow. Through SaaS-based applications and services, Agralogics provides farmers with detailed analytics about their crops – information about everything from weather, thermal energy, soil quality, pollination and more.

BAM Agricultural Solutions:  BAM Agricultural Solutions produces a liquid micronutrient product, BAM-FX™, which enables the efficient uptake of minerals and other micronutrients directly into the cells of plants. Using BAM-FX™ in a grower’s mineral nutrition program can enhance yields, lower costs per acre, mitigate stress and increase the efficiency of NPK fertilizer.

AgriData: AgriData is a Digital Yield Forecasting technology for Permanent Crop Farmers. AgriData mounts cameras on the ground vehicles farmers operate and run the imagery through our patent-pending Computer Vision and Machine Learning technology to produce accurate yield maps. The data allows farmers to accurately forecast their yield several weeks prior to harvest which enables variable rate farming and significant business optimizations.

The Center’s 24 startups specialize in everything from ultraviolet light technology and aerial imagery for ag management to cogeneration and sustainable water/irrigation management. To learn about the achievements of our startups since joining the Center, read “Startups in Center for Innovation Already Cultivating AgTech Solutions” recently featured in WG&S Magazine.