February 14, 2023

Apply for Project CENTRL’s Class of 32 by March 15, 2023!

Project CENTRL is a valuable opportunity for those working in rural Arizona to develop leadership skills.

The program, led by the Arizona Center for Rural Leadership, “is a competitively selected and tuition free experiential-learning leadership development program for 16 people connected to rural Arizona. Over the course of nine seminars across Arizona, Washington D.C. and Sonora, Mexico, participants build personal leadership skills, learn about the issues facing rural Arizona and connect with leaders and experts.”

In this 12-month program, participants will train to be players in the mission to make rural Arizona vibrant, healthy and sustainable.

Those interested my meet the following criteria to be considered for the program:

• Must be resident of Arizona and have a strong interest in serving the public needs of rural Arizona.  

• Must be 25 years of age by June 1st of the application year or older.

• Must demonstrate current or past leadership accomplishments and a desire to continually improve leadership skills.

• Have a commitment to be an engaged leader in agriculture or in rural Arizona in the future.  

• Have commitment and ability to travel, attend, and actively participate in all scheduled seminars.

• Have employer’s pre-approval for full participation in the program.

• Must provide references of good character and reputation.

• Have ability to understand and analyze public policy and actively engage in dialog and deliberations on these issues.

• Have diverse professional background and representation of rural Arizona.


Interested in joining the leaders of rural Arizona? Apply at central.org