December 1, 2015

Arizona Agriculture Responsible for Contributing $17.1 Billion to State’s Economy

According to information recently released by the University of Arizona, the agriculture industry in Arizona contributes more than $17 billion to the state’s economy. With so much at stake, the first annual Arizona Agribusiness Roundtable was held in Mesa, Arizona today and featured Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture Mark Killian as speakers. Western Growers staff and several members were in attendance at today’s event.

Ducey provided the welcoming remarks addressing accomplishments in water management as well as the future of agribusiness in Arizona to more than 200 business leaders from across the state who gathered to discuss the future and where the state is headed.

In remarks released prior to the event Killian said, “Agribusiness stretches from direct agricultural jobs, like the people who work the land and those who raise cattle to implement dealers, well drillers, truck drivers, feed and fertilizer dealers… The list goes on and on. Without them, people wouldn’t be able to put dinner on the table or wear most of the clothes they own.”

AnnaMarie Knorr, WG’s Arizona Government Affairs Manager, praised the industry, education and government leaders who met today to discuss the strategic direction the state needs to take moving forward. “It was energizing to see so many people come together to develop a collective, proactive plan for the future of agriculture in Arizona. Western Growers is especially pleased that Governor Ducey and Director Killian recognize the value of agriculture in Arizona and are committed to ensuring that the ag industry remains a driving economic force in the state.”   

The Agribusiness Roundtable is designed to build a better Arizona from the ground up. Other speakers included Arizona State University President Michael Crow, bankers and economists. 

For more information, contact AnnaMarie Knorr at (602) 266-6149.