April 9, 2019

Assemblyman Adam Gray Pens Op-Ed on CA State Water Board Not Acting in Good Faith on Voluntary Agreements

Assemblyman Adam Gray recently wrote a column in the Merced Sun-Star calling out the California State Water Board’s inability to act in good faith on voluntary agreements.

In part, Gray writes, “When the State Water Resources Control Board voted in December to adopt the Bay-Delta Plan, its members ignored the direction of former Governor Brown and current Governor Newsom to pursue voluntary agreements with our irrigation districts…

“…Since then, Eileen Sobeck, executive director of the water board, has submitted a proposal to the United States Environmental Protection Agency requesting ‘review and approval’ of the revised salinity objectives included in the Bay-Delta Plan.

“While the Bay-Delta Plan exceeds 3,500 pages, the board’s entire submittal for federal approval was nothing more than a couple paragraphs and a chart…

“…Adoption of the Bay-Delta Plan by the EPA based on a single letter would be a profound act of irresponsible government. That the board’s executive director would ask the federal government to take such action is the height of bureaucratic arrogance.

“Even more troubling however, is the board’s failure to acknowledge the voluntary agreements being negotiated by our irrigation districts and water users…” 

To read Assemblyman Gray’s full column, click here.