April 30, 2015

Brown Announces Revised Delta Recovery and Water Delivery System Plan

Today, Governor Jerry Brown announced a revised plan to accelerate Delta habitat restoration and fix the state’s aging water infrastructure. The Governor’s office issued a release saying “the revised plan is the absolute best path forward” for fixing California’s aging water delivery system, in addition to protecting the economy and public safety.  The plan is the result of an extensive and exhaustive public comment process.

The project focuses on five main areas:  1) water security; 2) climate change adaption; 3) environmental protection; 4) seismic safety; 5) affordability.  

“Thousands of family farmers have left fields barren or ripped out orchards as drought and a failing water delivery system have cut off their surface water supply,” said Dave Puglia, Western Growers senior vice president of government affairs and communications.  “Improvements to our water storage and delivery infrastructure, as well as to the rules governing their operation, are critical to the long-term viability of farms and farm communities.  This process must continue and at its conclusion must provide confidence of long-term water supply reliability.”