April 19, 2023

Build a Network Around #agtechfielddemos

Are you looking for upcoming agriculture field demos (or wondering how to get more people to come to your field demos)? Check out how to find them or build awareness around yours…

1) For all AgTech startups doing field demos, please use the hashtag #agtechfielddemos in your social media posts and include the date, time and location (preferably with a map pin) of the demo (and a best practice from Stout─include coffee and donuts and include that in the post. I don’t think they’ll mind me sharing that best practice.)

2) For anyone wondering how they can replicate this in case you forget to bookmark the URL, do a search on LinkedIn for #agtechfielddemos and then click Sort on the top left of the search result and select Latest to put the most recent posts at the top. This means the upcoming field demos will be at the top of the search result.

3) Note that there are additional filters for Date posted (to get just stuff in the last day, week or month) and From member (for a specific user─less useful than From company which allows you to look for a specific startup) and who posted the item.

I will be posting this regularly to get the awareness of the use of #agtechfielddemos to increase. Please share widely so that we can help get more startups doing demos and more people attending the demos. It’s the number one way to move things forward in AgTech sales motions─get growers talking to startups in a field with the equipment in a demo setting.