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June 23, 2020

CA Bill Changing H-2A Travel Time Compensation Passes Senate

SB 1102, which attempts to change the law by changing the definition of “voluntary” and “mandated” travel time, passed off of the Senate Floor yesterday and will now head to the Assembly for consideration.

Western Growers staff and members recently mobilized to request that the provision related to travel time either be removed from the bill or amended to reflect that travel time deemed voluntary by the employer is not compensable time. We have also raised significant concerns with another provision of the bill that would declare that an H-2A employee residing in employer-provided housing is considered to be a tenant under California housing law. This provision does not make sense since the employee’s rights to housing begin and end with the employment relationship.

If passed, SB 1102 would further threaten the survival of family farms across the state, as continued rising employer costs in California have made competing with other states and nations incredibly challenging for farming operations.

We thank all the WG members who responded to our Action Alert and reached out to their State Senator to express opposition to the bill.

For questions, contact Matthew Allen at [email protected] or (916) 446-1435 ext: 7332.