September 1, 2020

CA Legislature Rejects Single-use Plastic Bills

California lawmakers rejected a measure yesterday that would have created the nation’s strictest statewide regulations on single-use plastics. If passed, companion bills SB 54 (Allen) and AB 1080 (Gonzalez) would have phased out single-use plastics – including items such as plastic bags, film packaging and produce bags – which would have created extraordinary challenges for the agriculture industry.

After AB 1080 passed the Senate on Sunday, SB 54 fell four votes shy of passing the Assembly Monday night.

Western Growers (WG) and the California Farm Bureau Federation were the chief ag organization that lobbied against the bill. In particular, we wish to thank all of our members who responded to our Action Alert. Your collective outreach made a difference.

Additionally, WG would like to thank all the legislators who voted “no” or who abstained from voting on the bills. To see how each legislator voted, scroll through the images below.

For additional information on the bills and Western Growers’ efforts, read the Floor Alert here.