May 9, 2017

CA Standardization Advisory Committee Seeks to Fill Vacancies

The Standardization Advisory Committee currently has numerous vacancies and is seeking interested individuals to fill the positions. The Standardization Advisory Committee advises the California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary on all matters pertaining to the Standardization Program, annual budget and the necessary fees to provide adequate inspection services. Individuals must have a financial interest, either personal or through their employment, in a commodity represented.

Current vacancies include:

  • one fresh fruit member representing oranges, other citrus fruit, and/or table grapes
  • one fresh fruit member representing table grapes
  • one other fresh fruit member representing cantaloupe and melon
  • one other fresh fruit member subject to the Standardization article
  • three fresh vegetable members representing broccoli, lettuce, and/or tomatoes
  • two other fresh vegetable members subject to the Standardization article
  • one any commodity member

The Standardization Program, through legislation, enforces laws and regulations governing minimum standards for maturity, quality, size, standard container and pack, and container markings. Members on the committee receive no compensation, but are entitled to payment of necessary traveling expenses in accordance with the rules of the California Department of Human Resources. The term of office for committee members is two years.

If you are interested in being considered for an appointment, please contact Laurel Rudolph, CDFA Inspection and Compliance Branch at 1220 ‘N’ Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 or [email protected].