June 25, 2024

Cal/OSHA Standards Board Adopts New Indoor Heat Illness Regulation; Webinar July 17 

On June 20, 2024, the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board (Board) approved Heat Illness Prevention in Indoor Places of Employment; an indoor heat standard to protect indoor workers from heat illness. With limited exception, the new regulation requires indoor workplaces to be cooled below 87°F if feasible when employees are present, and below 82°F if feasible in places where workers wear protective clothing that restricts heat removal or work in high radiant heat areas. 

The state’s Office of Administrative Law (OAL) now has 30 business days to review/approve or deny the proposal. The Board requests that the new regulation take effect immediately after OAL approval. 

The new Cal/OSHA regulation applies to all indoor workplaces (e.g., warehouses, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities) and requires employers to (among other things) provide water, rest, cool-down areas, methods for cooling down the work areas under certain conditions, and training. 

Some employers may be covered under Cal/OSHA’s indoor and outdoor regulations if they have both indoor and outdoor workplaces. For additional information on indoor/outdoor prevention standards review Cal/OSHA’s Comparison Chart of Indoor and Outdoor Heat Illness Prevention Standards. 

Join us on July 17, 11am-12pm PT, David Hornung, Cal/OSHA Heat and Agriculture Program Coordinator, will conduct a webinar for WG members to explain the new rule and its impact on business operations. Click here to register.

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