December 1, 2015

California Exporters Face Quarantine Pest Issues with Japan

The pea leafminer (Lirigomyza langei) is considered by Japan to be a quarantine pest. Within the last month, several vegetable shipments inspected at Japanese ports were found to contain the pea leafminer. While the shipments were permitted entry following fumigation, any continuation of pest finds could result in Japan taking stricter action on entry in the future.

Although exported goods may be inspected prior to shipment, the country of import will also do a thorough inspection, which could result in a pest detection. When this occurs at the importing country port of entry, inspectors will double their surveillance by implementing exhaustive inspection procedures, significantly increasing possible pest detections. This exact scenario has recently taken place for a handful of shipments that have arrived in Japan.

Western Growers is taking this opportunity to remind members to be vigilant of any quarantine pest when scouting and selecting fields for export — especially during periods of increased pest populations — to minimize detections during foreign inspections. 

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