January 22, 2016

Call Out for Growers to Test New Ag Tech Mobile App

HeavyConnect is seeking growers who will be interested in using the company’s new time card app for field-based employees and providing feedback.

HeavyConnect, one of the six companies currently working out of the Western Grower’s Center for Innovation & Technology, is a startup dedicated to creating technologically advanced tools to support growers. They are in the process of finalizing their employee time card app and are looking for “design partners” to help customize the product to meet the demanding needs of all Western Growers’ members.

How the employee time card app currently works
The app replaces paper time cards and the old time punch system. Depending on the method that works best for the organization, crew leaders can gather time worked for their crews, input it into the app and digitally sign the time card. This information is automatically sent to a spreadsheet where payroll can easily pull the data. Other features will depend on WG member feedback.

This is a unique opportunity for any WG member to customize technology to meet their specific needs. If you are interested in testing this new operation management software, please contact Stephanie Kettering at (949) 885-2364.