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August 10, 2017

CDFA Grant Funding Available for Healthy Soils Program

The California Department of Food and Agriculture announced this week that they are now accepting applications for the Healthy Soils Program (HSP). The program has two components: 1) the HSP Incentives Program and 2) the HSP Demonstration Projects.

For the HSP Incentives Program, an estimated $3.75 million in competitive grant funding will be awarded to provide financial assistance for implementation of agricultural management practices that sequester soil carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For the HSP Demonstration Projects, approximately $3 million in competitive grant funding will be awarded to projects that demonstrate and monitor specific management practices in agriculture that sequester carbon, improve soil health and reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.

If Western Growers’ members are interested in applying for either programs, please contact Hank Giclas at (949) 885-2205.