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May 12, 2020

CDFA Updates PPE Supplier List; OES Distributes Masks for Ag

CDFA has released an updated PPE Supplier/Vendor list which now includes Staples.

CDFA notes that as the economy opens up, there will be even more competition for PPE. While CDFA will continue its efforts to update this list and distribute promptly as new suppliers and vendors are available, purchasing and acquisition of PPE remain the primary responsibility of the employer. 

Click here to access the updated PPE Supplier/Vendor list.

This week the Cal-OES State Operations Center made available 2 million surgical masks and 10,000 cloth masks for farmworkers and other agricultural employees, with the cloth masks intended specifically for migrant housing facilities. These are being shipped to County Ag Commissioners’ (CAC) offices and will be made available according to local needs. This is a one-time emergency shipment to fill the gap while the supply chain catches up with high-volume demand. 

Reach out to your CAC to inquire about procuring these masks.

There continues to be a significant shortage of N95 masks for health care workers, first responders, and the various agricultural and industrial activities that require N95 masks.