July 21, 2015

CH Robinson Readies for Contingencies Due to I-10 Closure

C.H. Robinson (CHR), our partners in Western Growers Transportation Program, issued a notice to customers today reminding them that CHR stands ready to help with transportation contingency planning due to the closure of Interstate 10 near the California/Arizona border. The road and a bridge were washed out as a result of heavy rains that occurred on Sunday closing the portion of highway located near Desert Center in California, about 50 miles from the Arizona border and 170 miles from Los Angeles. The California Highway Patrol has indicated that section of the interstate will be closed indefinitely. CHR’s notice said the closure “will cause delays and result in carrier capacity constraints.”

Please contact CHR at 866-771-1270 to ensure uninterrupted supply chain service or WGs’ Ken Gilliand at (949) 885- 2267 for more information on the program.