July 24, 2018

Comments Needed for State Water Board’s Push on New Water Restrictions

This Friday is the deadline for the public to submit final comments to the State Water Resources Control Board on its Bay Delta Water Quality Plan. The Plan, as proposed, would double the amount of water left in the Stanislaus, Tuolumne and Merced rivers, with additional future flow requirements for the Sacramento River, with no scientific justification that it will help targeted threatened or endangered fish species. The impact of this decision will be felt throughout the entire Central Valley and into Southern California, reducing not only local water supplies but also impairing the ability to move water around the state for direct use or groundwater recharge. 

When announcing this new policy, the State Water Board said that “water users can adapt.” Western Growers is adamantly opposed to this regulatory assault on the state’s water rights system and encourages you to communicate directly to the State Water Board.

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