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January 18, 2018

Containerboard Products Antitrust Class Action Settlement Filing Deadline Approaching

As previously reported in Spotlight, Western Growers has partnered with Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS), a leading asset recovery and cost reduction firm, to help members recover their fair shares of class action recoveries. 

The Containerboard Products Antitrust Class Action Settlement has now grown to $376.4 million, and not all of the defendants have settled. That means that many Western Growers members are likely to be eligible to receive substantial recoveries. The filing deadline to submit a claim is February 6, 2018. Even if your purchase records are not readily available, FRS will work with the Claims Administrator to  maximize your  recovery without devoting significant time and effort.

To retain FRS to file and manage a claim on your behalf, FRS must receive from you a signed copy of an Authorization Agreement. Those agreements can be accessed here. If you wish to hire FRS, it is important that before you send the executed Authorization Agreement to FRS, you understand its terms and make sure that your company information and contact information are correct.

FRS is a leading provider of class action claims consulting because FRS works within its clients’ guidelines to manage the entire claims process. FRS’s agreed-upon contingent fee is paid only from the recovery FRS recovers on your behalf.  Western Growers has negotiated with FRS to reduce its customary 33 percent fee down to 20 percent.

FRS is not a court-appointed claims administrator or class counsel. You always have the right to file claims on your own and to not hire FRS to participate in the monetary relief provided by any settlement. FRS believes, however, that there are services that the company can provide that may increase recoveries and that are unlikely to be provided by a claims administrator or by class counsel. 

For more information about FRS and the services it provides, please visit, or call either FRS VP of Sales Jamie Toddings at 201-853-1250 or FRS COO & General Counsel Jeff Leibell at 201-853-1246.