October 31, 2018

Craig Reade Gives Farewell during Chairman’s Lunch

Words of inspiration filled the room yesterday during the Chairman’s Luncheon & Keynote. The event included a moving farewell address from outgoing chairman Craig Reade.

“The increasing regulations on agriculture are an increasing burden,” said Reade. “Technology allows us to overcome these regulations. Millennials understand how to adapt to use technology and the innate innovativeness of millennials will allow agriculture to thrive.”

After Reade’s address, Former Navy SEAL and Special Operator Robert O’Neill shared his insights on leadership, decision-making and operating in uncertain environments and becoming the best of the best.

“Bravery is recognizing fear and putting it aside,” said O’Neill during his keynote. “Put your head down, don’t give up and keep moving forward.”

The Chairman’s Lunch & Keynote was sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Pinnacle, Anthem Blue Cross, Prophet, Corteva Agriscience, Nutrien Ag Solutions.