April 11, 2023

Desert Growers Called to Offer Insight to Develop Action Plan

Desert growers are invited to share thoughts, perspectives and ideas through a six-question survey to address a drying climate.

In support of the University of Arizona’s Presidential Advisory Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Good Production in a Drying Climate, the Water Resources Research Center has invited those working in desert agriculture to share industry insight to help develop actions to include in a report to President Robert C. Robbins.

The commission welcomes answers to any or all of the following six questions:

  1. What are the threats of a changing climate to Arizona’s agricultural production systems?
  2. Given these threats, how do you expect agriculture and food producers will respond?
  3. What big-picture ideas would have the most impact on agriculture and food producers in the short and/or long term?
  4. What expertise and resources (i.e., specific research, innovations, technologies, infrastructure, practices) can UArizona provide to help agriculture and food producers be as productive as possible in the face of these challenges?
  5. What actions by UArizona can bring these resources to bear on the threats to agriculture and food production systems?
  6. What funding and partnering opportunities are there to support these actions?

Click here to participate.

“The University of Arizona is uniquely positioned to address this critical problem for Arizona’s agricultural production system, and by extension, for other arid regions around the world,” Robbins said. “With this in mind, I have formed a Presidential Advisory Commission on the Future of Agriculture and Food Production in a Drying Climate to provide recommendations on concrete steps the University can take to make our state a global leader in creating and applying transformational technologies and climate-resilient sustainable agricultural and food production practices, in partnership with the desert agriculture industry.”

Read more about Robbins’s initiative here.