February 15, 2023

Electronic Signatures Could Be Part of Further Amendments To ALRA

A request by the UFCW and Teamsters to allow the use of electronic authorization cards and signatures in a labor organization’s proof of support when engaged in the organization of workers in the cannabis industry has opened the door to speculative use in the broader agricultural worker population.  

A January 23, 2023, memorandum by Board Member Ralph Lightstone to the Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) proposes referring the issue of the use of electronic signatures for all agricultural workers to a ALRB subcommittee to consider the feasibility of such a proposal and to develop regulatory language. The memorandum notes that anticipated amendments to AB 2183 would naturally include, “among other things, adoption of a form of card check procedure for agricultural employees to select a labor organization as their exclusive bargaining representative.” Click here for additional information on AB 2183.