December 21, 2016

Exported U.S. Onions Violate Taiwanese Food Standards Requirements

Nine U.S. export shipments of onions to Taiwan have been tested and found to be non-compliant with Taiwan’s food safety standards. The violations include five for cadmium; two for Chlorpropham; and two for Dicloran.

Taiwan is requesting that the industry tighten up U.S. export controls to avoid future violations and sanctions. Taiwan has requested a formal response by January 30, 2017, explaining the cause of the violations, including a list of measures to improve compliance and prevention.

Western Growers is working with the United States Department of Agriculture to determine the source, and to prepare an appropriate response to the Taiwanese government. In the meantime, we urge members to be cognizant of the maximum residue level requirements when shipping any commodity to Taiwan or any other country.

Please refer to our Western Growers’ International Trade Assistance page to review the Global MRL Database and for other exporting information and updates.

For more information, please contact Ken Gilliland at (949) 885-2267.