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May 12, 2020

FEMA Guidance on Acquiring PPE During Shortages

In its fact sheet, Addressing PPE Needs in Non-Healthcare Setting, FEMA provides guidance on acquiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the current national shortage.

According to the guidance, if after minimizing the need for PPE through preservation strategies described in the fact sheet, PPE is still required by essential critical infrastructure workers to perform their duties, organizations should:

  1. Continue working with normal and alternate private sector suppliers to obtain PPE. It may be necessary to identify multiple options for suppliers and prioritize near-term versus long-term needs.
  2. If suppliers are unable to provide for your needs, and the PPE is urgently required, submit a request for assistance to your local or state emergency management agencies. If local emergency management is unable to address the PPE shortfall, they can relay it to the state. If the state is unable to address it, they can submit a request for support to their FEMA Regional Response Coordination Center.

Any requests to local, state or federal agencies for urgent resupply of PPE for essential critical infrastructure workers should accurately describe:

  • Specific types, quantities (include 30, 60 and 90-day demand), and locations where PPE is needed;
  • Estimated time until shortage impacts operations based on PPE burn rate; and,
  • Consequence of the shortage and duration of its impact.

Click here to view a PDF of the Addressing PPE Needs in Non-Healthcare Setting fact sheet.