February 25, 2016

Five New Companies Boost WGCIT Efforts to Solve Ag Issues

Five start-up companies have been added to the roster of agtech leaders working out of the Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology (WGCIT). These companies, in addition to the inaugural six residents in the WGCIT, will work both independently and collaboratively to create innovations that will help solve agriculture’s biggest challenges. They will also play an integral role in the development of several new programs and events hosted by the WGCIT, such as Tech Talks.

The five new WGCIT residents include the following:

Specright is a packaging-specification management company that offers a cloud-based platform where customers can input and manage data to ensure that their specifications for packaging are met.

HarvestPort offers an online marketplace that helps users find agricultural equipment, while simultaneously helping farmers find users to rent their equipment during the off-season.

Conservis provides a platform that automates data entry allowing farmers to get an overview of operations, as well as manage planting, harvesting, controlling inventory and marketing.

Russell Pacific sources industry-leading solar trackers and modules that harvest the maximum amount of energy from the sun due to its unique rotation system.

BioSensing Systems combines technologies from multiple sources, to enable new efficient uses of hyperspectral imaging in agriculture and through the food supply chain.

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