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April 2, 2015

Gov. Brown Comments About Ag and Drought

As reported in yesterday’s special edition of Spotlight, California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order requiring new reductions in water use, especially in urban areas.  In his statement, Brown said that farmers had “borne the brunt of the drought to date.”   The Governor expanded on these thoughts yesterday in a segment that aired on PBS, stating that farmers have “taken a lot of hits,” referencing fallowed fields, dying orchards and the lack of “promised” federal and state water.  Brown went on to say that “agriculture is fundamental to California.”

Western Growers CEO and President Tom Nassif issued a statement yesterday saying, “Through these actions, Governor Brown acknowledges the seriousness of the drought all Californians face.  Although much of the population has been relatively unaffected by the natural and man-made causes perpetuating the drought, no one has been more affected than California farmers.  Western Growers is pleased that the governor, in his announcement, has acknowledged the plight of the state’s farmers and the sacrifices they have made in fallowing hundreds of thousands of acres and laying off thousands of farmworkers due to the lack of water.”