October 1, 2015

Have an Innovative Food Waste Reduction Initiative? Tell WG About It!

The upcoming October issue of the WG&S magazine includes an article on sustainable agriculture that features two WG members — The Nunes Company and Church Brothers — and what each is doing to sell edible fresh produce items that were previously discarded or not harvested. Their innovative approaches to reducing food waste are stories worth telling, especially since they have the added benefit of being eco-friendly. 

Although we regularly inform legislators, regulators and the general public about our members’ efforts to be more sustainable, Western Growers is taking an active interest in the topic of food waste. We want to tell more stories like these to showcase our member’s food waste initiatives and how those efforts are reducing the use of natural resources.     

Does your company have a food waste initiative you would like to share with us so we can feature it in a future article? If so, we would love to hear about it. Please contact Cory Lunde at (949) 885-2264 or Jeff Janas at (949) 885-2318 to pass it along!