May 2, 2023

Hear Dr. Helene Dillard at the Salinas Biological Summit

Dr. Helene Dillard will be bringing her expertise to the 2023 Salinas Biological Summit on June 20-12, 2023. In her time serving as the Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California Davis, Helene has led the College to achieve a No. 1 ranking in agriculture in the nation for the past seven years.

She completed her B.S. degree in biology of natural resources at UC Berkeley, an M.S. degree in soil science at UC Davis, and a Ph.D. degree in plant pathology at UC Davis where she studied the biology and management of Sclerotinia minor on lettuce in the Salinas Valley.

During her career, Helene’s research focused on the biology, ecology and management of fungal pathogens that cause diseases in vegetable crops.  Her interests include sustainable disease management strategies, integrated pest management, epidemiology and host/pathogen/ environment interactions.

Her extensive depth of knowledge makes for a must-hear speaking event at the Biological Summit.

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