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June 23, 2016

How Much Are Farmers Really Making? Revamped Produce Price Index Has the Answer

Western Growers has revamped its “Produce Price Index” (PPI) website to now easily obtain fresh produce pricing comparisons throughout the nation. In an effort to educate consumers and stakeholders on how much farmers receive for their products, the PPI details the selling price at the farm, the average cost charged at major retail stores and the percentage spread between the two.

The website—which is updated weekly—lists prices from U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and New York. Users now have the ability to search the database by commodity, date range and location.

Western Growers has been providing pricing data on fresh produce items since 1996. Many consumers do not realize that farmers receive on average less than 16 cents of every $1 spent on food. With this improved website, we will continue to educate the public on the gap between farm and retail prices, as well as help consumers understand the pricing structure in the agriculture industry.

Visit the Produce Price Index website at For more information, contact Tom Oliveri at (949) 885-2269.