August 30, 2016

HR Practices and Compensation Survey Available in September, iPad Winner Announced

The Western Growers 2016 HR Practices and Compensation Survey is now closed and the final results will be available for purchase in late September. As a special thank you for contributing to the 2016 survey, Western Growers randomly selected one participant to receive a 16 GB iPad Air2. The winner is Veronica Luna of Rancho Guadalupe in Santa Maria, Calif.

“I love numbers and looking at the end results of the survey to determine where we are in comparison to the competitive market,” said Luna. She has served as H.R. Generalist at Rancho Guadalupe for the past four years. The company has participated in the HR Practices and Compensation Survey every year since its inception seven years ago. Rancho Guadalupe’s executive team references the survey data to make critical personnel and salary decisions, ensuring that they are compensating their employees fairly and competitively. 

The survey results, which are currently being finalized and published, contain reliable data provided by Western Growers members that will help business leaders compare their organization’s compensation philosophy and total reward programs to the competitive market.

The HR Practices Survey reports on participants’ health plan coverage and premiums, performance plans, merit increase budgets, paid time off programs, retirement plans and austerity measures.

The Compensation Survey reports base pay, incentives paid, total annual cash compensation and car allowance/reimbursement. Different from previous years, the Compensation Survey will be broken up by profession and will be available for purchase by section.

  • 2016 HR Practices Survey – $500
  • 2016 Compensation Survey:
    • Compensation Survey: C-Suite – $500
    • Compensation Survey: Sales – $500
    • Compensation Survey: Professional – $500
  • 2016 Professional Compensation (C-Suite, Sales and Professional) & HR Practices Surveys bundle – $1,800

Contact Ryan Zilker at (949) 885-2249 for questions about purchasing the survey. For general questions about the survey, contact Karen Timmins at (949) 885-2295.