August 30, 2016

I-8 Westbound Exit Ramp at 4th Ave/Winterhaven Closed Outside of Yuma

The Interstate-8 westbound off-ramp at 4th Ave/Winterhaven is closed until at least December due to a CalTrans road construction project. 

The unannounced closure reduces traffic flow to one lane on the westbound portion of I-8. The last exit for oversized farm equipment to avoid the narrowed area is Giss Parkway. Tractors that don’t exit prior to the closure will find themselves held up in heavy traffic for several miles having to cross a 12’ one-lane bridge after Giss Parkway. 

Please help us spread the word, and share this information with your industry contacts.

For more information, contact AnnaMarie Knorr at (602) 451-0658.