May 20, 2021

Industry Calls for Water Infrastructure Investment in The Hill Op-Ed

Western Growers President/CEO Dave Puglia, Family Farm Alliance Executive Director Dan Keppen and State Water Contractors General Manager Jennifer Pierre authored an op-ed yesterday calling on Congress to recognize one of the “great needs” of the 21st century and invest in our Western water infrastructure. The op-ed was featured in The Hill and is available to read by clicking here.

“An infrastructure package working its way through Congress has the potential to promote drought resiliency in the West, protect our food supply and ensure communities have the water they need to run their homes and power their businesses,” said the op-ed.

“There is a solution to help us moderate the inevitable swings between dry and wet years, to make our water supply more reliable in the face of climate change and changing hydrology. But it will require massive, long-overdue investments in our aging water infrastructure.”

Click here to read the full op-ed in The Hill.