January 24, 2023

Join the California DRIP Collaborative for Drought Planning, Response and Management

The Drought Resilience Interagency and Partners (DRIP) is an opportunity for representatives from a wide range of water-related interested parties to be a part of a standing interagency drought and water shortage task force for the state of California.

This task force will facilitate proactive state planning and coordination for pre-drought planning, drought emergency response and post-drought recovery; develop strategies to enhance collaboration; and develop plans, responses and strategies in a way that considers all water users.

Two representatives will be selected to represent agriculture to work with eight representatives from state agencies and two representatives each from local governments, community-based organizations, Tribal representation, nonprofit technical assistance providers, the public, environment, public water systems, and experts in land use planning, water resilience and water infrastructure.

Selected members are expected to serve for a two-year term for three meetings within those two years.

Visit the California Department of Water Resources website here for more information.

To apply visit the California Department of Water Resources page here or fill out the PDF template here and email it to [email protected]

Letters of interest are due Feb. 24, 2023.