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December 13, 2022

July 1 Deadline for Summer Planted Strawberries and Program Adjustments

The deadline to purchase crop insurance for summer planted strawberries in Fresno, Merced, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties is July 1, 2015. Winter planted strawberries for Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Ventura Counties have a September 30, 2015 deadline. Crop Insurance must be purchased by the sales closing date in order for coverage to become effective.

The strawberry crop insurance program guarantees the revenue of the grower based on historical average revenue from the past four to ten years’ production and revenue history.   This is a revenue coverage policy that provides coverage for losses due to market price related to production or market conditions. Coverage levels start at fifty percent and cap at eighty-five percent. Some causes of loss include excessive rain, excessive heat, insects and plant disease, failure of irrigation water supply, and low market price (ARH).

This past year, Western Growers met with a number of California strawberry growers to discuss the current Strawberry Actual Revenue History Crop Insurance Policy. While reviewing the policy the growers identified several issues that needed to be resolved to enhance the product. Western Growers noted their suggestions and reached out to the USDA/Risk Management Agency (RMA) to request changes.  There were two major changes made to the program

  1. Inclusion of Santa Barbara County summer planted strawberries
  2. Inclusion of a ”master yield” structure on the policy as an option

This was the second year Western Growers made recommendations to program operators. We are extremely pleased that the above requests were granted.

To explore crop insurance options, schedule an appointment and for more information, please contact Gretchen Rooney-Adan or call Western Growers Crop Insurance Division at (916) 446-1435.