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January 10, 2023

Leadership Development Courses for Agriculture: Start 2023 with A Plan

The success of every organization relies on a thriving workforce, whose leaders inspire creativity, know how to effectively delegate tasks, and make decisions with integrity. To keep your employees engaged, consider providing your management team with new tools and insights that can help them be more effective at managing challenges and change. Leadership is a skill that takes time to grow and develop. With a strong training program, your managers’ can learn powerful principles to influence your workforce and impact your business outcome.

At Western Growers University (WGU), we offer a robust leadership development program designed specifically for the Ag Industry. Courses include the Work of Leaders, Management 101, Building Trust in the Workplace, Having Tough Conversations, Navigating Through Change, and 363® for Leaders. In addition, WGU is proud to offer you these member-exclusive courses: Developing & Implementing the Outward Mindset and Outward Leadership.

Leadership development is just one of the areas that WGU education opportunities. Training in the areas of supervisor training, employment law and human resources best practices is also available.

To learn more about what training program is right for your management team, contact Anna Bilderbach at [email protected] or (949) 379-3889 for more information.