October 18, 2016

MRL Violations Places Celery on Hold and Test List

Japan issued an advisory requiring all celery shipments to be subjected to mandatory hold and test procedures due to a third maximum residue level (MRL) violation (Bifenthrin) reported on celery. 

All future shipments — including those in transit — will be tested by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare before being released to the importer.

Western Growers cannot emphasize strongly enough that both exporters and growers must adhere to a strict regimen that includes reviewing spray records on any selected export crop to ensure it will not exceed Japan’s MRL. Members can review the Global MRL Database by accessing WGs’ International Trade Assistance Page.

Western Growers has identified the steps members need to follow in preparing a shipment for export. Members need to apply these steps regardless of the foreign market destination.

Celery is a top 10 produce export for the U.S. both to Japan and worldwide. For calendar year 2015, the export value of celery was nearly $5 million, and for the period January through August this year, the export value was at nearly $3 million.  

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