April 12, 2016

New “Dirty Dozen” List Targets Another Kid Favorite Fruit

The 2016 “dirty dozen” list was released yesterday, and to no surprise, it again misleads consumers about pesticide residues and produce. In an effort to re-spark interest in the “dirty dozen,” the Environmental Working Group (EWG) placed a new kid-popular, nutritious fruit at the top of the list: strawberries.

“We aren’t surprised that EWG has a new number one this year. We even predicted it since media coverage of the ‘dirty dozen’ list has fallen dramatically in the last five years and reached an all-time low last year,” said Marilyn Dolan, executive director at the Alliance for Food and Farming (AFF), in a press release.

As part of an ongoing commitment to disseminate correct facts about fresh produce safety and counter EWG’s fear mongering, the AFF points out how EWG has consistently failed to use sound scientific procedures to develop their annual “dirty dozen” list. The AFF also encourages journalists to review the actual USDA’s Pesticide Data Program report that EWG claims to use to develop its list, which states that the findings show residues do not pose a safety concern.

Additionally, the AFF has previously developed a Pesticide Residue Calculator to provide accurate information about the amount of produce a consumer would need to eat before residue would even begin having an effect.

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