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November 30, 2016

New Nassif Notes Blog Highlights “What Trump’s Election Means for Agriculture”

In the latest entry of Nassif Notes, Western Growers President & CEO Tom Nassif pens about his views on how the new administration will impact agriculture. Nassif details how “President-elect Trump is aligned with agriculture on many issues, including the need to rebalance the regulatory climate for American farmers, especially those in the West who have been subjected to the most aggressive federal dictates.”

Nassif highlights his optimism on working with Trump to fix issues such as the labor crisis, international trade, the Endangered Species Act, crop protection regulations and more. The full entry can be found here: “What Trump’s Election Means for Agriculture”

Launched earlier this year, the Nassif Notes blog provides commentary on timely topics, events and people by WG President & CEO Tom Nassif. The blog also encourages meaningful dialogue among Western Growers members, policymakers, reporters and the general public around key issues impacting fruit, vegetable and tree nut farmers in Arizona, California and Colorado.