April 26, 2022

New VofV Episode: Agtech’s Role in Combating Climate Change

Sarah Nolet, Co-Founder and General Partner at Sydney, Australia-based VC firm Tenacious Ventures, focuses on investing in early-stage agtech startups with an eye towards how they will help provide innovations to assist with the ramifications of climate change.

“Ag can actually be a solution for a lot of the challenges we’re facing,” Nolet says in this episode of Voices of the Valley, noting that growers are in a unique position where they can simultaneously work to reduce emissions and be proactive to prevent additional climate disruption.

While advocating for biodiversity, water quality improvement and carbon capture technologies, Nolet says it is important to not let perfection be the enemy of progress – and to also acknowledge that there is no silver bullet because “nature will be ahead of us no matter what.” 

To hear more from Nolet, listen here.