June 30, 2022

New VofV Episode: The Yield Lab and the Exponential Growth Potential of Latin America

This week’s episode of Voices of the Valley explores the opportunities for agtech innovation and investment in Latin America.

Accelerator The Yield Lab is dedicated to funding companies across the globe and then assisting with their growth and development for the long haul.

“We’re not in a rush,” says Tomás Peña, Managing Director, The Yield Lab Latam, as he visits the podcast. “This is a business about talent. Eighty percent of the money we invest goes to talent.”

That talent base is particularly exciting in Latin America, he says, where trying to change the conventional conversation is the norm. “That’s the beauty of Latin America,” Peña says. “You have a lot of people thinking differently. You have a lot of people opening their minds, and saying ‘Why not?'”

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