July 25, 2022

PAGA Reform Measure Officially Qualifies for 2024 California Ballot

On Friday, July 22, the Secretary of State announced that the California Fair Pay and Employer Accountability Act qualified for the 2024 ballot on the random sample count of signatures. More than 700,000 valid signatures were submitted in support of the PAGA reform.

“This necessary reform will protect multigenerational farm businesses while providing a better pathway for workers to address legitimate grievances,” said Dave Puglia, President and CEO of Western Growers.

Western Growers is part of a business coalition taking aim at the Private Attorneys General Act, which is being used by trial lawyers to shake down California businesses to settle “trip-wire” employment law claims. Over the past five years, PAGA settlements have cost California businesses $5 billion in settlements, a number that is anticipated to double over the next five years.

Our membership stepped up in a big way to help fund the signature gathering campaign. Nearly 140 Western Growers members contributed $1.4 million with another $1.2 million coming from the association.

But our work is not done. We must now build out a well-funded, broadly supported campaign that educates voters on the benefits this ballot measure will have for workers and small businesses across the state. We will have until 2024 to make our case, and we will ask you to continue playing a role in the effort. Please keep PAGA on your radar and be on the lookout for ways to stay engaged.