February 4, 2016

Powerful Video Sheds Light on ALRB-UFW Relationship

PickJustice.com, a website dedicated to farm workers’ rights, recently posted a video charging the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board and the United Farm Workers Union with colluding to prevent the farmworkers’ votes from being counted in a decertification election demanded by the workers.

Farm workers featured in the video share their disappointment at the way their voices have been ignored by both the UFW and the ALRB.  On November 5, 2013, workers participated in an ALRB-supervised election to decertify the union.  Decertification would release them from unwanted union representation and the obligation to pay dues, the main reason the workers say the UFW is asserting itself now. Over two years has passed and the ALRB still has prevented the votes from being counted. Explaining why he believes the ALRB has not counted their votes, one worker said, “…it (the ALRB) knows that there are more of us who don’t want the farm worker union…and it knows it’s going to lose. That is a fact.”