July 15, 2021

Recording of CA Private Attorneys General Act Webinar Now Available

Western Growers hosted an education session on “Overview and Understanding of the California Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA)” yesterday, where attorney and employment law expert Jim Gumberg provided an in-depth overview of the statute.

PAGA claims are the “New Normal” in California. PAGA authorizes “aggrieved employees” to act as private attorneys general and file lawsuits to recover civil penalties on behalf of themselves, other employees and the State for alleged Labor Code violations. PAGA lawsuits are not barred by arbitration agreements, and the number of PAGA lawsuits continues to rise.

This presentation gave an overview of the PAGA process, how penalty exposure is calculated, what types of Labor Code violations are most susceptible to expensive PAGA liability, and practical steps WG members could take to limit PAGA exposure for their company.

To obtain a recording of the webinar, please reach out to Kendra Clark at [email protected]. For any questions regarding PAGA or assistance with PAGA claims, contact Jason Resnick at [email protected] or 949-885-2253.