July 25, 2022

Register Now for AgTechX Food Safety Aug. 18 at Reedley College

The Western Growers Center for Innovation & Technology is hosting the AgTechX Food Safety initiative, a yearlong program aimed at food safety technology acceleration to improve the toolkit of rapid diagnostics and prevention technologies.

The next stop in the event series is on August 18, 2022, where we will feature panels on industry issues, regulatory views and food safety innovation. This event offers a great lineup to get an overview of food safety issues and financing in the Central Valley, as well as a chance to meet Western Growers’ elite international Food Safety cohort.

Featured panelists include: 

  • Ian LeMay of the California Fresh Fruit Association
  • Garret Patricio of Westside Produce
  • Erika Sosa of Bowles Family Farms
  • Michael Ruiz of Booth Ranches
  • George Nikolich, Strategic Partner with California Fresh Fruit Association 
  • Bonnie Fernandez, Executive Director, Center for Produce Safety 
  • A keynote from Seana Day, Venture Partner at Better Food Ventures and Partner at Culterra Capital, presenting: “Food Safety from an Investment Standpoint.”

Please click here to register for AgTechX Food Safety.