April 25, 2023

Agtech and Food System Innovation Expert Sarah Nolet Joins the Salinas Biological Summit

The 2023 Salinas Biological Summit presents the exciting opportunity for growers and startups to hear from Sarah Nolet, internationally recognized food systems innovation expert, the CEO and Founder of AgThentic─a global food and agriculture strategy firm─and Co-Founder of Tenacious Ventures, Australia’s first dedicated agrifood tech VC firm.

Sarah has been instrumental in building the early stage agtech ecosystem in Australia – from advising dozens of startups, designing accelerator programs and consulting to established agribusinesses, to helping industry, universities and government develop and implement forward-looking initiatives in food system innovation.

Sarah is also the host of the AgTech…So What? podcast and co-founder of Farmers2Founders, a national innovation program that supports Australian primary producers to commercialize inventions and new businesses, as well as gain early access to emerging technologies.

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