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February 11, 2016

Senator Feinstein Introduces Revised Drought Bill

On Wednesday, February 10, Senator Feinstein introduced the California Long-Term Provisions for Water Supply and Short-Term Provisions for Emergency Drought Relief Act (S. 2533).

According to the Senator’s press release:

“The revised bill I’m introducing today is the product of two years of work. It includes provisions from Democrats and Republicans alike…

This bill won’t be everything for everyone – candidly, that’s not possible with California water policy. But I believe the bill strikes the right balance.”

A group of Central Valley agricultural water districts (including San Luis Delta-Mendota Water Agency, Westlands Water District, Kern County Water Agency and Friant Water Authority) issued a joint statement in which they stated:

“Passage by the Senate of this legislation will be an important step toward development and enactment of final compromise legislation to address this critical issue, and we support Senator Feinstein’s efforts to obtain quick Senate approval.

Winter storms are beginning to fill northern reservoirs and produce runoff that must be captured, if we are to end California’s historic drought for the 25 million people dependent upon pumping in the Delta. Unfortunately, without meaningful legislation enacted into law, the people of California are likely to endure an uncertain winter season of floods, property damage, and storm water flowing out to the ocean, followed by a summer of drought – a scenario both frustrating and unacceptable. The time to act is now.”

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