January 28, 2015

“Shark Tank” Meets the Fresh Produce Industry on Feb. 9

Western Growers will present six startup ag tech companies affiliated with the RoyseLaw Ag Tech Incubator at a free webinar scheduled for Feb. 9, from 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Each startup will have ten minutes to pitch their ideas to……you!  Yes, Western Growers’ members will be the audience and judges for this 90 minute   “Shark-Tank-like” opportunity which aims to advance the technological capabilities of farming by supporting start-up companies and new ideas.  Your participation is invited and encouraged as we all strive to harness better technology to produce more and better with less.

The RoyseLaw AgTech Incubator is a Silicon Valley incubator for startup companies focused on creating new technologies for the agriculture and food industries. The Incubator applies a Silicon Valley model to bring together promising startups, experts and investors that will help leverage agricultural applications and build world-class companies.

The Incubator announced a call for applications from technology companies focused on agriculture and food production in late 2014.  Twelve 12 startups were selected to participate in a five-month program in Palo Alto featuring co-working space, mentoring from agribusiness and food experts, and weekly instructional programs in the areas of technology, law, accounting, innovation, and operations.

Western Growers is a part of this effort and will showcase six of these 12 participating startup companies in a Go-to-Meeting webinar.  Each of the six start-ups will provide a brief pitch to Western Growers’ member companies.

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The webinar will provide Western Growers members insight into some of the new startups working in agriculture and food space. Depending on time constraints, participating members may have the opportunity to provide feedback from an industry perspective about the viability of the technology and services being proposed. 

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At present, Western Growers does not endorse or recommend any individual company participating in this pitch, but does support the exploration and interaction between industry producers and new innovators. 

For more information contact Hank Giclas.